Pesticide filling Machine


The pesticide filling machine works on the principle of volumetric filling. The machine consists of spring nozzles (also known as drip proof nozzle). The main use of the spring nozzles is to reduce the foaming of pesticides. The machine also comes with a flame proof motor mechanism. The machine is available in following models :-

Pesticide Filling Machine Technical Specifications:-

Heads 4 Heads, 6 heads, 8 Heads
Output Per Hour 8000 - 25,000 Bottles pr day. (Depending on the nature of liquid and its fill size or volume)
Power Characteristics 440 V 3 Phase 50 Hz 4 Wire System With Ac Frequency Drive
Fill Size 2 ml TO 5000 ml (With Help Of Extra Change Parts)
Filling Accuracy +0.5%
Net weight 600 Kgs. Max.(Without conveyor)675 Kgs. Max.(With Conveyor)
Length (L) 1800 mm
Width (W) 900 mm
Height (H) 1500 mm

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